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Ricky tells Lucy that she has to send Little Ricky to nursery school and after putting up a fight, she relunctantly obeys him. Her worst fears come true when Little Ricky gets sick and has to go to the hospital to get his tonsils out. Lucy sneaks her son his favorite teddy bear by dressing like a nurse.


  • Replicas of Little Ricky's teddy bear from this episode have been made for merchandising.
  • Little Ricky had tonsillitis a total of four times before his surgery.
  • Little Ricky's doctor was Dr. Eugene Gettelman. In real life, he was Lucille Ball's pediatrician for her children. He died 3/14/09 at the age of 100. "Call Dr. Gettelman" in this episode is a tribute to him.
  • Lucy reveals in this episode that she's been reading Dr. Spock since Little Ricky was born.
  • When Lucy exhaustedly says that "motherhood" is why she's so tired, Ricky excitedly thinks that Lucy is pregnant again.
  • Little Ricky is called a "3-year-old" several times in this episode, but in episode #149, he is supposed to be celebrating his third birthday!
  • The first painting Little Ricky makes at nursery school is interpreted to be an elephant sailing a houseboat.


  • Lucy: I am suffering from a disease common to mothers of 3-year-old children. It is called "poop-itis"!
  • Lucy: Well, [I don't want Little Ricky to go] until I feel he's old enough to go to nursery school.

Ricky: Well, he's gonna look pretty silly playing in a sandpile when he's 30 years old!

  • Ricky: Well, you and Fred and Ethel are not exactly Little Ricky's age, although, at times, you act like you were!
  • Ricky: I say that he should go to nursery school, and so does Dr. Spook.
  • Lucy: (to Ethel) Just butt out!

Ricky: Never mind. (to Ethel) You keep butting in. I never known anything around here if you don't come up once in a while and spill the beans out of the cat bag.

  • Lucy: (to Ricky) Well, [Little Ricky]'s half mine, too, and unfortunately, when I hid MY half, your half went right along with him.

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