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Needing money, Lucy applies for a newspaper ad about babysitting. She ends up having to control two unruly twins in her apartment before performing with the twins in an amateur hour contest for $100.

At one point she is tied to a stake with rope, gagged with an apple and while one of the twins lights a match. She struggles in her bonds and constantly tries to talk to the twins but she is muffled by the apple that is used to gag her.


  • Jimmy's pet frog is named Elmer.
  • "Twins" Jimmy and Timmy Hudson are NOT played by twins, the two actors aren't even related!
  • Lucy gets paid $5 an hour for babysitting the evil twins, however, Mrs. Hudson will let Lucy keep the $100 prize at the Amateur Hour contest if she wins.
  • Lucy and the twins sing "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" at the amateur hour contest.
  • This is the first time the Ricardos' address of 623 East 68th Street is mentioned in the show. If the address really existed, it would be right in the middle of New York's East River!
  • Lucy wore shin pads to protect her from the twins kicking her repeatedly, but they didn't work out too well and she ended up very badly bruised.
  • Fred Mertz does not appear in this episode.


  • Lucy: Of course I'll have to shorten [the dress] a little?

Ricky: (asking price of dress) How much?

Lucy: About 2 1/2 inches.

  • Lucy: What kind of nitwit do you think I am?

Jimmy: I don't know. What kind are you?

  • Mrs. Hudson: You know your father said he would spank you both if you burn just one more sitter at the stake!

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